So then, a quick update for all of you out there about what’s going on re Vacant Lot.

About a month ago 30 or so members of Central Station gathered here at our offices in Glasgow to discuss Bill Millett and Tom Warren’s combined blog about the use of derelict and unused spaces. After a couple of hours of talking, a few very tangible ideas began to emerge around strategy and production of projects in unused spaces in Glasgow, Scotland and across the UK.

Since then a few of you have been posting links to other projects that are already happening and researching what’s already going on out there.

On Wednesday 24th a smaller group of creatives and producers with experience of making work in unused spaces will be meeting to try and thrash out the specifics and logistics of a plan that allows forward movement – the possibility of starting to talk to funding bodies, property developers, city councils and so on. We’ll be sharing the results of the session on here so everyone can peruse and comment.

Hopefully in the not so distant future we’ll hold a case-study orientated get together that everyone can come to, where people share their experiences of working in this sort of realm. A conference of sorts, somewhere to get the creative juices flowing.


Image courtesy of Janie Nicoll