The project Radius is a process and a product; it’s a physical mapping and it parallels a personal ideology. Referencing my personal experience is a way of understanding why I think this project is vital.

A natural development while creating an art practice is finding ones voice and having a sense of self worth and confidence to put it out there to a wider audience. There is no one way and if I believed that there was only one way I’d have probably given up a long time ago.

I have been building my community and confidence in small increments, learning about the well established art scene, artist run projects, private and public galleries, collectives, non-traditional art spaces, also by writing proposals, making work, more looking, attending lectures, talks, openings. It’s an overwhelming resource of creative wealth and opportunity. While trying to find my own artistic identity I have been my biggest obstacle, that little voice in my head created scenarios and negative responses before I had even really tried. A way that I have come to quiet this nuisance is to be as generous to myself as I am to other artists.

Individuals are at different levels and this diversity conveys prospects. A giant library of information to acknowledge. Something about silencing that inner critic is an important part of learning how to move forward. Fear is a terrible place to make work from, failure is a part of success, and what I am trying to sum up here is that it’s critical to explore ideas from a genuine place.

Radius is the result of considering other voices that are still refining themselves by taking risks, putting their work out their and confronting opportunity. It is a measurement along the path of discovery. To perceive in a radial fashion, moving from the centre out is exactly what I am trying to communicate, with this map and within.