Who: Graham Lister

What: Entry / Exit View small-scale installation / intervention

Where: North Kelvin Meadow

About: An installation/intervention in North Kelvin Meadow; linking the images to the idea of real/unreal representations.

Time: April 16th to May 4

Who: Glasgow International Artists’ Bookfair

What: GIAB is a showcase of artists’ books produced by local, UK-based and international artists. Books as artworks, and beyond. It is a rare opportunity to access such artworks, meet the creators and purchase some original artworks, without breaking the bank.



Where: Exhibition Hall, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Time: Friday 16th & Saturday 17th of April 2010

10am – 6pm on both days



Who: Sam Stocker

What: Sam Goes to Kelivingrove

Where: Montgomery’s Café, 9 Radnor St, Glasgow G3 7ua

About: A site-specific painting installation contextually relevant to Kelvingrove Art Galleries 1901 Exhibition in Montgomery’s Café.

Time: April 16-through June 11

Who: Podcart


Where: Welcome Home 19 Keith Street, Glasgow, G11 6QQ Glasgow

About: An interactive exhibition of sketches, scribbles and inspiration from

the fingers and minds of artists, writers and musicians.

Time: April 17th-April 25 OPEN TUES – SAT 10 – 6, SUN 12 – 5

Image by Emma McLeod

Who: Stramash Space

What: TST Text Sound Transmission

Where: http://www.stramashspace.org

About: A collaborative sound work exploring twelve artists’ unique and individual responses to the lives of historical figures. The collaboration was developed through found texts, location recordings and creative writing. The work was created as part of the class Text Sound Transmission within the sound department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Link: http://www.stramashspace.org

Who: Collins Gallery

What: A Lexicon from Liminality: searching for sense between mind and matter: Pum Dunbar

Where: Collins Gallery

University of Strathclyde

22 Richmond Street

Glasgow G1 1XQ

About: Paintings, collage and photograms are employed to capture a curious visual vocabulary which has its origins in the liminality, the transitional space between sense, perception and response. The lexicon comes from a silent, still and iconic language, imprinted with the particular idiolect of and individual with autism

When: 17 April-22 may

Image by Pum Dunbar



Who: Tam Dean Burnand Linda Duru.

Starting point: Central Mosque.

Mosque Avenue Glasgow G5 9TA

When: Noon, Saturday May 1 2010

About:A ramble through the radical history of the river with Tam Dean Burnand Linda Duru. Promenade Theatre; starts on the river walkway in front of the Central Mosque Going to La Passionara statue.


Video installations

Who Victoria Skogsberg and Helena Öhman McCardle               

Where  University of Glasgow

Location 1: Boyd Orr Building, Lecture theatre 1, University Avenue (Victoria Skogsberg)

Location 2: McMillan Reading Room, Teaching Room 319, University Avenue (Helena Öhman McCardle)

Time Friday 23 April 2010

            Friday 30 April 2010

Location 1: Boyd Orr Building, 3pm – 8pm (Victoria Skogsberg)

Location 2: McMillan Reading Room, 11am – 5pm (Helena Öhman McCardle)





Guerrilla Gardening / Seedbombing – Event that will use an area of urban waste ground and transform it with guerrilla gardening and seedbombing. A subervisve act of reclaiming a small part of the city that needs attention with interaction, awareness and fun. Working with nature to beautify an area in a short term mission with a long term outlook. Get involved where possible by either gardening, seedbombing or both to make a positive imact in their urban environment.  See link for times and places.  



What: Exhibition: Vocal Sans

Exhibition: Vocal Sans

Artists: Ciara Phillips & Jane Topping

Location: 48 King Street, 1st Floor (former Glasgow Print Studio)

Dates & Times: 16 April – 3 May, Mon. – Fri. 10am – 5pm, Sat. & Sun. 12 noon – 5pm

Preview: Sat. 17 April, 7 – 10pm

Image by Ciara Phillips


Event:  Made in the Shade

Organised by dinky, 2-gal creative business Made in the Shade, The event brings over 30 designer makers together to showcase and sell textile pieces, clothing & accessories, paper products, art, homeware and lots more. besides.their work directly to customers.  Expect off-beat

Where Galleries 4 & 5, The Lighthouse

11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU

Time 10.30am – 5pm April 17

 What:  A temporary sculpture installation in Kelvingrove park. These North American  tourists are not where they should be out of place confused by the roundabout directions and as males unwilling to ask for assistance.Typical!

 Who:  Brian McCutcheon

Look for it  in Kelvingrove Park

Links: http://www.brianmccutcheon.com/flash.html

What:Schema: A solo Exhibition by Helen Shaddock

Who: Helen Shaddock

When: exhibition Preview -Sunday 25th April 2010

Exhibition runs – 4th April – 1st May 2010

Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm Sun 11am – 6pm

Where: Che Camille, Floor 6, Argyll Chambers, 34 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G2 8BD

 About: Helen Shaddock Solo Exhibition; mixed media work addresses the human need to make order out of chaos and understand the forces around us.

 Link: http://www.helenshaddock.com


  “The Paradigm”

Who :Matt Mignanelli

About A solo exhibition: Mignanelli travelling from New York to paint an installation within the space and to hang a collection of new paintings.

Where Recoat Gallery

323 North Woodside Road


G20 6ND

When: April 3rd to May 2nd

Link www.recoatdesign.com

Title:  Vulnerable Threads

Artists – Sean Kenny, Caroline Hussey

Description: Collage interventions will dot the hoardings along the Clyde and Argyle Street, amongst the homogenised posters, visualising a series of reflective counterpoints to the city. (Covert operation)

Venue: G1 (along the Atypical Root and Argyle Street)


What: New European Art (part 1)

Who: Project Ability Gallery

Where: Trongate 103


G1 1LH

When:15th April – 22nd May 2010 Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

Link www.project-ability.co.uk

Gallery talk: Thursday 6th May 1 – 2pm

Ninna Hultgren-Borg manager of the arts studio Inuti, Stockholm, Sweden will give a talk about Inuti and the work of exhibiting artist Fredrik Dansson.


What. New European Art (part 1 1)

Where Touchbase

Sense Scotland

43 Middlesex Street

Kinning Park


G41 1EE

When:15th April – 22nd May 2010 Monday  – Saturday 10am – 4pm

About:This exhibition shown across two venues stems from the momentous Outsider Art Biennale held at the Rackstad Museum in Arvika, Sweden , September 2009.  The 2009 Biennale featured work by 40 artists with disabilities who were selected from across Europe.  Project Ability is delighted to bring a selection of these diverse artists’ work to Glasgow including contributions from three Glasgow artists: Cameron Morgan, Doreen Kay and Robert Reddick.


what: Pecha Kucha 1: The Art of Speaking


Sarah Munro Director, Tramway

Luke Collins  Artist

Neil Bickerton  Artist

Fiona Jardine  Artist

Thea Stevens  Art Historian

Martin Clark   Photographer          

Muscles of Joy  Musicians

Scott Myles & Darren Rhymes   Artists

David Shrigley   Artist

Kendall Koppe  Director, Washington Garcia

Erica Eyres Artist

Torsten Lauschmann  Artist

where: Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, G41 2PQ (0141 4222023)

When: 22nd of April 7-9pm

About: The Art of Speaking consists of 12 presentations by creative thinkers, each comprising of 20 images and each lasting for 6.40 minutes.

Ticketed £2.00 and the link is

Link  www.tramway.org

What: A Micro Festival by Forest Fringe

Who: Forest Fringe in collaboration with the Arches

Where: The Arches, 253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL

When: Fri 16th sat 17th 2010

Time: From 7pm Ticketed £10.00

Link http://www.thearches.co.uk/A-MICRO-FESTIVAL-by-Forest-Fringe.htm


About Intimate encounters, audio walks, installations, works-in-progress, secret adventures and interactive experiences by some of the most exciting artists in the UK to the Arches.


When:30th April – 2nd May 2010


About For three days at the end of the Glasgow International Festival, Welcome Home will present its own version of Floralia and the ludi florales. An updated and modern take on the ancient Roman festival which started the tradition of May day celebrations in all of their incarnations.

 The entire 3 floor space will be taken over for the duration, Welcome Home will host an exhibition as well as a series of events, music, performances, readings and workshops. The full line-up of artists, designers and events   are to be confirmed


Traditionally the festival symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life and was marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers. Floralia will be an exploration of tradition, performance, faith, spirituality, new ideas and ritual as well as a celebration of “life’s beauty as it blooms”. It will be a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

A modern take on the ancient Roman festival  Floralia, an exhibition as well as a series of events, music, performances, readings and workshops.

Where Welcome Home 19 Keith Street, Glasgow, G11 6QQ



What: Rough Luxe

About Salomeh Grace, Yvonne Mullock and Mair Hughes present new work inspired by collaborative research in to historical attractions and artefacts and the mechanics of presentation.

Where : 1st Floor, 102 Hope Street (near Stereo, Renfield Lane) G2 6PH

When  Open Tuesday to Saturday 11 – 5pm

17th April to 2nd May

Contact: 07833 958 336

What: HALLelujah 2

About: “An exhibition in the hall of the flat of artist/curator Janie Nicoll, featuring artworks in a variety of media by Alex Hetherington, Amy Marletta, Anna Francis, Hanneline Visnes, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Janie Nicoll, Jim Colquhoun, Karen Vaughan, Kenny Hunter, Kevin Hutcheson, Krisdy Schindler, Liz Rowe, Neil Coombs, Oliver Braid, Rachel Mimiec.”

“All fifteen featured artists are loosely linked by an interest in drawing, print and collage in all their various forms.”


Alex Hetherington

Amy Marletta

Hanneline Visnes

Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir

Janie Nicoll

Jim Colquhoun

Karen Vaughan

Kenny Hunter

Kevin Hutcheson

Krisdy Schindler

Liz Rowe

Neil Coombs

Oliver Braid

Rachel Mimiec


Where: 212 West Princes Street, Woodlands, Glasgow G4 9DL

Contact no. 00 44 141 575 9773  mob. 07971 602270

When 17th-24th April 11-5pm (not Sunday 18th) 25th – 2nd May by appointment.

opening event  Saturday 17th April 2-4 pm  tbc

What: Cleansing The House With Ink

About: A multimedia collaboration based on performance and works on paper by Thomas Jacobi, poem by David Greygoose with parallel Chinese translation by Yupin Chung,

Who: Music by Lin Fa and voice Eleanor Rees.

Followed by poetry readings and live improvisation by Harmony Chinese Music Ensemble, Eddie McGuire, Liu Fong and Eng Hoe Ling.

‘the shadow of the hand writes before the thought’

‘Brushstrokes of Breath’

‘Andrastes Hair ’

‘Eliza and the Bear’

Yupin Chung (Curator)

Thomas Jacobi (Artist)

David Greygoose (Poet)

Eleanor Rees (Poet)

Lin Fa (Musician)

Eddie McGuire (Musician)

Liu Fong (Musician)

Eng Hoe Ling (Musician)


Where: Ricefield Arts and Cultural Centre, 3rd Floor, 34 Albion Street, G1 1LH

When: Sunday 25th April, 7pm- 9.00pm



Mo Works | Thomas Jacobi


Harmony Chinese Music Ensemble

Eleanor Rees    http://eleanorrees.com/

Cultural Links   http://culturallinks.blogspot.com/



What: The Illogic Of Repeat

Who: Fiona Jardine a nd Katy West

About: For The Illogic of Repeat, Jardine and West will present a collection of new objects and bespoke prototypes within Goodd’s gallery space.

Where:Goodd Gallery and Shop, 11 James Morrison St, Glasgow G1 5PE

When: 15th April – 15th May – 11pm/6pm

Link: http://www.good-d.com

What: Radius in Motion

About: A blog everyday from Friday the 15th of April to May 4th on Roots  and things that have been mapped on the Radius, Atypical, and GI journeys that will last the endurance of the festival to be published in a book that will be available for purchase.

Where: Radius in Motion

When: April 15th  May 4th 2010

Who: Stephanie Spindle

Host: Radius/ Central Station