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For the duration of our fundraising campaign to date I’ve fancied that appeal up, down and left of centre in attempt to marshal a non-aggressive but determined approach in raising money for the production of our new short film, NEVADA, which I’m co-producing with Cinematographer David Liddell.

David and I have worked together across a few projects now, including short films, PARIS/SEXY (2010), BLOOD IS THICKER (2011) and BAROQUE (2011). The last we made on a budget of about £500 + titanic favours, and filmed in a rat-infested crypt with no running water, nor toilet facilities. BAM. You can see a wee teaser for this film HERE.


We’re not doing anything as noble as running for charity, nor are we producing a film that shines light on a politically overlooked topic for debate. But we are endeavoring wholeheartedly to make a film that will be both beautiful and meaningful and explore in a small way, what it means to be human. The value of which will be greater to some more than others. The impact of which, I hope, will reach even more.

NEVADA is a psychological portrait of two lovers, who fucking hate each other; who are well beyond breaking point, and who must separate.  Taking the story and image of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s marriage as a springboard for content and style, NEVADA is a contemporary experimental study about humans and how exhausting hatred is, while also examining themes of identity and guilt.


The project has evolved from a small commission for award wining folk trio, LAU and will be made specifically for an arts festival, which the band are curating for Kings Place in October. Our film will premiere with live accompaniment by LAU during the same slot as KING CREOSOTE & JON HOPKINS – details of which are HERE. LAU have generously provided a budget for this venture but it’s tight. Our previous experience has taught us that creative options become more and more narrow the lower the financial threshold goes.  Although I took some persuading at first, we agreed it was worth considering crowd funding.

Putting yourself out there is rough. Exposing yourself when you’ve made a film is tough enough.

All independent filmmakers in Scotland know that the opportunities to get work made with financial support are incredibly limited. For a couple of years now, I’ve battled with two ways of thinking about my approach to getting films made. The artist in me wants to produce work, and thinks, fuck it – let’s make it happen. Write something worthy of everyone’s skills, get your Granny to cook soup and pay your crew with endless gratitude.

It is a way to go, and I’ve taken that road many times.

But there’s another side for the eternally emerging filmmaker like myself, which seeks to assert that we deserve support to make more work of the type, which has been proven to interest and engage viewers in the past. My ego seeks the endorsement of film financiers.

But punishing the world by denying them Paxtonworks while I’m hanging about waiting for validation, isn’t going to significantly starve the world’s movie-watching appetite…

And despite how pretentious it might sound, films like NEVADA are the ones I need to make. This project comprises a collection of things I care deeply about, themes that preoccupy me. Any artist worth their salt knows the feeling of needing to make certain work to exercise demons. And thankfully collaborators including David Liddell and our other hugely talented Heads of Department feel similarly, and want to create this piece with me.

BAROQUE (2011)

So there it is, once more into the breach old friends…

We’ve got the team in place. We’ve got the story and we’ve got the drive in droves. But we really, really need some more financial support. And it’s the support of good-willed strangers that we desperately need to entice…

So, why should you, kind stranger, give us yer money?

With just two-weeks left to go, we really need to PUSH the campaign. It’s the boring compulsory costs like insurance and travel expenses, which are really stretching our resources and sucking funds from our design and camera departments, which we so passionately want to keep healthy.

If everyone we were friends with on Facebook donated $10 (just over 6 quid) – we’d easily double our target. And it’s that kind of donation we’re seeking from multiples of ALL YA’LL.

We SO don’t want to patronise anyone considering giving – we won’t try and tempt you with a meaningless credit in exchange for cash. There are some quite cool ‘perks’ on offer with our campaign but the biggest reward David and I can offer is our gratitude, and while it might sound unexciting, it is huge and very real. And if you are brassic lint, you can still help us significantly, by spreading the word like runny jam via Facebook, Twitter and old-school word-of-mouth style.

And it goes without saying in the artist’s community it is the flow and exchange of favours and resources that enables the best work to emerge. If there’s anything we can do to help you – all you need to do is holler.

Thank you very, very much -

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