The Wrong
Artwork by Protey Temen

The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale opens its “online” doors here, and in a more relaxed pace, its “AFK” (away from keyboard) doors in more than ten different cities around the world.

The Wrong aims to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience worldwide through a biennial event that gathers the best selected by the best, while embracing the young talents of today’s digital art scene.

A team of 30 top curators/artists have featured what they like best in the new digital art world. The biennial is divided into pavilions; virtual spaces in which selected works are exhibited. In total, there are 30 online pavilions, including an “unlimited” pavilion open to public participation and a “meta” pavilion exclusively featuring the artwork of the curators. More than 300 artists have been invited officially, to have their work featured in the pavilions, and several hundreds are still applying until the end of the event to participate in the “unlimited” open pavilion. The Wrong is the only free biennial that is fully accessible both to participate and to attend.

The open public unlimited pavilion (aka Homeostasis Lab) displays a selection of artwork submissions where artists interested in participating in the event, but who were not invited by any curator, can submit to the two curators assigned specifically to this space. An open call will run until the last day of the event, allowing everyone interested to have a chance to submit their work also during the event. The content of this pavilion will be curated by Julia Borges Araña + Guilherme Brandão and renewed everyday until last day of the biennial. Visit the Homeostasis Lab for to submit your work.

Selected highlights from the curators’ pavilion:


Gallery404 is an open source browser-based 3D art gallery.


And one day, boom: the pavilion of exploded reality! is an augmented reality experience.


Triangulation is a blog about, computer graphics and video.

Sebastian Buerkner
That was your dog, 2012 by Sebastian Buerkner

Wilderness of Mirrors is a collection of online works curated by Max Hattler.

The curators’s pavilion curator, David Quiles Guilló, is also the creative director of the The Wrong, and found guilty of selecting the 30 curators of the biennial. He is the founder and creative director of ROJO®, the art joint responsible for putting this biennale together, from initial ideas to getting everyone on board, to design, production and full media communication of the event, until its last consequences.

At the very end of the biennial, The Wrong Book will be launched, compiling a selection of the best digital artwork submitted by all participants to specifically appear printed in this book. Due to the very nature of the event, The Wrong Book’s binding will be done in “random mode”, meaning that each and every copy will be unique. It will be available for orders online on January 2014.

The Wrong is, as David Quiles Guilló puts it; “A large gathering of creative individuals, inside a virtual environment, speaking the highest form of human communication; ART”.

The Biennale runs until 31 December 2013.