Just a few days to go till we do the White Bikes mass ride out and it is getting a phenomenal public reaction… it is all down to the power of the original Provo anarchist action 45 years ago. Back then in a small square in central Amsterdam, a rag-tag group painted 10 bikes white and started one of the first ecological protests of its sort anywhere. A simple idea to replace the ‘tyranny of the car’ dominating city centre streets, with a clean and positive form of personal transport. Who could have imagined that it would lead to well over 50 public bike schemes in many parts of the world, with more being added every year?

It proves that if an idea is really good it can inspire change and that the seemingly leftfield can often influence the mainstream without compromising itself.

It’s good to know that the moronic right wing is still alive, if not kicking in Scotland. We had a first critical article in the Daily Mail, railing against the waste of public money on free bikes that will be stolen by Neds; (I suppose for once they can’t blame asylum seekers). When a paper as lacking in moral acuity as the Mail is on to you- then you must have something worthwhile to attack!



P.S. Unfortunately the Mail article is not available online, but check our write up from The Sunday Herald of the same week.