Whoah Doggy Feb. 17th






It has been brought to my attention that the word “Alternative” promotes an either or situation. I was thinking more along the lines of “alternatives” or opportunity. Since moving to Glasgow five years ago, The GI Festival has provided a fantastic platform for contemporary art that I have enjoyed thoroughly.

It sets a standard and it also provides a process where the strongest work or the work that reflects the ethos of the festival’s committee is chosen to represent Glasgow. If this didn’t exist it might not be a great festival, it might be a so/ so festival.

For whatever reason my project was not selected; I still have it slotted in to the time that the festival will be on. I’m still doing all the work and I still believe that this project is valid and will be a great exhibition.

I’m squirming a bit because I may have inadvertently portrayed negative sentiment towards the festival. The truth is that it never occurred to me that I might be stepping on toes or reflecting badly on the festival itself. I’m definitely not saying I am competing with the festival, I’m just saying that I didn’t fit in to the festival, my project is on and people might enjoy it in the proximity of the official festival.

There is no undermining going on here. Glasgow has an incredible diversity and creative community. I want to see the GI but I also want to see the cusp. There might be something there that I can decide for myself is shit hot or not.

I think there will always be some disgruntled people out there that think it’s a personal slight not to be included. My opinion is, that energy is better spent keeping on, keeping on.

Glasgow hasn’t let me down yet, I’m diggin down deep to keep this positive and sincere, I’m an artist and director and I’m doin what I do. Watch this space for a new title to the blog.