Limousine Bull Artists’ Collective is an artist-led, registered charity, run by volunteers with the support of Aberdeen City Council.

The collective was formed in 1998 by a group of eight artists who wanted to create a space dedicated to the support and development of students and emerging artists in Aberdeen. At that time, it was located in a small shop unit in the centre of Aberdeen. In 2005, the collective moved into our present premises in Torry, Aberdeen, which offered artists a larger gallery area to exhibit.

Earlier this year we were successful in further expanding the facilities on offer by opening a suite of five connecting project rooms. One of these rooms is available as a residency room with the opportunity of a closing exhibition in the gallery area.

Over the years Limousine Bull has seen many artists participate in our cultural evolution by staging diverse events and exhibitions, attracting artists locally and internationally. Board members typically serve up to two years, thereby contributing to the fresh, inventive and often spontaneous nature of the collective.

Our aim is to continue to promote and encourage contemporary art in Aberdeen with a varied programme of innovative events facilitated by students, emerging and other interested artists. We hope to build on and broaden links with other cultural bodies in Aberdeen and beyond, providing a unique space to collaborate, experiment and exhibit.

At this exciting stage in Limousine Bull’s history, it seems another leap in the creative, cultural vision and direction of the collective is on the horizon.