MadLab offer the chance to learn everything from physical computing to conquering the world of blogging platforms. Hailing their courses as “learning for do-ers,” they offer the expertise of industry professionals in small groups with an all-hands-on-deck philosophy. Tucked away in a 3000 sq. ft. former shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, there are multiple courses, events and meet-ups every day of the week.

Here’s a brief selection of some of the courses on offer:

6-7 March
Intermediate WordPress (Beginning and Advanced also available)
Three two-day WordPress courses taught by co-founder Mike Little, for both the novice and the seasoned professional.

5 April
Introducing Arduino & Physical Computing
Learn all about Arduino and physical computing with MadLab co-founder Asa Calow.

3 & 4 May
Bird Taxidermy
For those who want to learn something completely different! Learn how to stuff a rabbit, bird or animate a mouse in one of three two-day taxidermy courses with Margot Magpie.


Various courses run from now until October. To see a complete list, please visit here.

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