Androgyny by Samuel Jones

What could we have as our Facebook, Google+ & Twitter cover images? How could we possibly come up with something as good as any of the work produced by the brilliantly talented community of creatives we have at Central Station? Hang on a minute…

We’re giving you the opportunity to be Central Station’s ambassador, with the unmissable top spot on all of our social pages. Every month we’ll change the image and choose from a previously featured work to find the next “face” of Central Station. All images will be credited to the artist and there’ll be a link to the original featured work spot on our website.

To be considered, just follow us on Behance, Cargo Collective, Flickr and/or Vimeo. We’ll follow you back so that when we choose featured work we can browse your portfolio. It also means that we’ll get updates whenever you upload new work.

Email us if you have any concerns or aren’t sure how to join us.

Previous social cover images:
1. Cities by Atelier Olschinsky [winner of the Central Station 50x50 project]
2. Leg Bound by Sam Spreckley
3. Postcards For Fernando by Alan Wilson
4. COOKIES n BOOBIES by Conzo Throb
5. Optical Nerve by Natalie Kenna
6. Untitled by Lesley Ann Ercolano
7. Bend, Oregon by Sam Brewster
8. Mon Oncle by Andrew Lyons
9. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Lesley Barnes
10. Christian by Martin D Barker
11. Transition Collective #002 by Luna Jungeun Lee
12. Negative Experiment by Abdul Hye
13. Norway Infographic by Connor Campbell
14. Untitled by Jim Cowan
15. North by Stephen Edwards
16. Thorn by Ben Risk
17. Table Top Goniometer by Jack Sawbridge
18. Never Seen Burnham by Richard Broomhall
19. Morning in the city by Mika Kuusela
20. Behold! The earth giant has risen by Matthew Carey Simos
21. Theatres on the Bay, Singapore by Stuart D. Maitland
22. Roam & Seek t-shirts by Caroline Tomlinson
23. Venice Double, 2013 by Jonny Lyons
24. Illustration by Cosmic Nuggets
25. Paper Sculpture by Sara Cunha
26. Concealment film still by Josh Murfitt
27. Ghost Web by Ben Bainbridge
28. The Flight by Gemma Cotterell
29. She wears a lion on her heart by Karine Fortier
30. Incredible Places by Matteo Romellini
31. Tristag by Peter Carrington
32. K A L E I D O S C O P E by Sylvie McGowan
33. Sarah by Christopher Fernandez
34. Untitled by Samantha Wilson
35. The Saddle by Richard Gaston
36. Untitled by Joe Crogan
37. Dowel Repeat by Kirsty Macleod
38. Composition K12 by Jen Devonshire
39. Portrait by Amy D’Agorne Craghill
40. Photograph by David Dear
41. Paper Collage Illustration by Isen Aliji
42. Androgyny by Samuel Jones


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