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This week, Ironbbratz Studios takes over Central Station, posting featured work and blogs. This post is about The Telfer Gallery which they support.

The Telfer Gallery opened its doors in Glasgow’s city centre one year ago, exemplifying a wide range of exhibitions and events with a focus on experimentation and cross-disciplinary practice. The diverse nature of The Telfer Gallery’s 2012 programme enabled the committee to explore the potential of the physical space and the wider environment. Within this time, the gallery hosted two residency programmes; one exploring the established modes of arts presentation – questioning the exhibition format itself;  another saw the team assemble an arts collective, Colour Deaf, to produce an alternative experience in visual art and live music through installation art and sonic design. The gallery also produced a number of exhibitions – from sculpture, printmaking and cross-disciplinary collective shows both across the design and fine art sector, and the summertime saw a collaborative project between The Telfer Gallery and Leeds-based initiative Test Space resulting in a series of workshops and an interactive exhibition as part of the Merchant City Festival.

Colour Deaf at The Telfer Gallery
Colour Deaf at The Telfer Gallery, 2011

Now heading into its second year, The Telfer Gallery is about to launch a new programme responsive to the experimental and diverse programme concluded last month. In 2013, the gallery will maintain the diversity of the previous year’s ethos whilst allowing each artist space to focus on the dialogue surrounding the respective body of work and conclusively, enabling the audience to understand the development of work in the gallery situation.

Aesthetic Error by Kel Glaister at The Telfer Gallery
Aesthetic Error by Kel Glaister at The Telfer Gallery, 2012

The Telfer Gallery 2013 programme invites four creative practitioners from across the board of fine art and design to engage our audience in critical dialogue and exhibit beautiful work. We aim to provide a space of production and presentation for these practitioners through engaging with the processes of production unique to each individual. We will provide a platform for focused experimentation within a studio environment and allow time for a productive and critical dialogue to occur organically.

A Billow, a Hunch by Emily Shepherd at The Telfer Gallery
A Billow, a Hunch by Emily Shepherd at The Telfer Gallery, 2012

The Telfer Gallery will launch a new website in correlation with the 2013 programme in February 2013. To join our mailing list, please send an email to and be sure to check in with our website, Facebook and Twitter for programme updates, or just to say hello.

The Telfer Gallery Interior

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