The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture and Design, has been on quite a journey in the last 2 or 3 years.  2012 will be a big year for us and will definitely be the one in which we re-emerge as a Design Centre. There are lots of things planned; the launch of our new web-site (working with Tangent), the launch of a series of bi-monthly events that will interest and inspire. We have a programme of exhibitions that along with the fantastic exhibitions hosted by A + DS, means that there will be a busy programme to take us through this year. We recently appointed a Creative Programme Officer who will impact on this year as well as take us into 2013.

We have been working with Bruce Newlands@Skirmishes and with the support of Creative Scotland we will open a 3D digital fabrication laboratory this May called MAKLab. It is already attracting lots of interest and will offer Design and Architectural businesses fantastic access to great facilities, will link Scotland to all the FabLabs around the world and every Saturday will be open to the public so everyone can make something they have designed. The educational/workshop opportunities are also really exciting.

We have been working with O Street to develop some fantastic marketing icons, see the examples of our latest icons, The Lovers and Shopaholics. The latest is for the Design Markets we’ll be holding. We are hoping to have 6 markets which will be hosted by Crab Apple Arts or The Lighthouse. These should be a lot of fun and help small design businesses sell direct to the public. The one we ran last year got lots great feedback.

Right now we are a couple of weeks away from launching our digital gallery. We will be able to project an image that could be 4.5 m by 3m. There will be a call for commissions, alongside the opportunity for people to submit and show work throughout the year. For more details contact,

So … we are back. The new website will have forums for discussion and a gallery for members. We really want to hear from you, especially what you think The Lighthouse can do to promote Design and Architecture.

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