B I T Artist Studio

B I T Art Collective started around July 2012 and consists of Bob Gelsthorpe, Ifan Lewis & Tom Winfield. B I T began to provide mutual support for each other, while working individually and also collaboratively. The process for acquiring our studios began with online enquiries, and after we saw the first property, we saw how much scope the building had, and so we pretty much decided there and then to take the property. This wasn’t without its downfalls, we were planning on opening a month or two earlier but had to delay it due to some legal troubles regarding the lease, it worked out for the better in the end, as now we have the building completely on our own terms. In the studios at the minute we offer eight studios spaces currently held by: Lucy Fisher, Hollie Jade Hopkins, Aleksander Kuczynski, Charlotte Gyseman, Rebecca Wyn Kelly, Mel Wotton, Jon Pountney and Sera Wyn Walker. There’s also space for the three of us to work as well, which is perfect for what we need.

B I T Artist Studio

With B I T Studios, we have a space for dialogue, growth and hopefully a flourishing new creative talent in Cardiff, alongside providing somewhere for recent graduates to continue with their practice and in a supportive environment as they make the transition from student to professional artist.

In the next few months we have a few things coming up to start with our programme of events. On 23 February, the three of us will be exhibiting work at PESKINACHT002, a gig put on by a great label called Peski Records, at Jacob’s Market, Cardiff. In March, on an unconfirmed date we have an Artist talk from Cardiff Before Cardiff photographer and collaborator, Keith S Robertson; 14 April we will be having a stall at Chapter for the Art Car Bootique 2013 so everyone can come say hello and find out a bit more about what were up to. The Friday after (19) we are hosting Wales’ first ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ night which is an open exhibition for artists working with projectors or projecting mediums.

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