Rum Lad is a zine I started in 2006.  There’s no particular reason behind the name, but the term ‘Rum’, is typically used to describe someone/something that is somewhat peculiar.  I grew up in rural Lincolnshire where you’d hear this phrase quite often, so it seemed appropriate.

The first issue was a split with ‘Scared of Bees’ zine and was limited to 100 copies.  It was started with the intention of contributing to the zine community which I was very much interested in.  I liked the idea of being part of a network and potentially making connections with others with similar ideas, etc.  I’m also into printed media and like to keep things as tangible as possible, something which I have attempted to continue in my artwork.  One of my favourite things about zines is holding the finished article in your hands and saying ‘I did that’.

My most recent issue featured a visual diary of a USA tour from summer 2010.   For the future I have plans to document a couple more tours (USA again and European) as well as splits with Gadgie zine and Ont’ Road zine.

Here are some links to more of Steven’s work:!/SteveLarder