Flamingo is a London-based culture and illustration magazine that celebrates doing-it-yourself. Investigating alternative lifestyles, we believe that creativity, community and grassroots culture are some of the most fascinating things in life.

Our third issue, which was out 16 April, celebrates something we feel especially strongly about – our home towns and habitats. Our home helps to define who we are; it’s the centre of our world. More than just where we lay our heads at night, home is where we feel safe, and is a place that – to a certain extent, at least – can offer us happiness. When comfort and peace is found in our environment, it provides the perfect conditions to make and create.

Encouraging interaction as a whole, the magazine’s publishing house – The Flamingo Arts Project – encompasses a diverse range of projects including art curation, workshops and publishing. This gives us a chance to get away from our computer screens and get into the real world, which is nice.

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