Optiko is a collaborative online and printed zine, founded by Steve King in 2011. We recently caught up with Steve to find out more about it.

Into The Trees by Soho24
Into the Trees by Slovakian photographer, Soho24

Optiko was set up as an online project to highlight the work of predominantly amateur photographers specialising in film (analogue) photography, but I really wanted to put out a printed version of Optiko too, to make something more permanent and appealing, encouraging readers to study the photographs in a little more detail, more than they would on their computer screens for example. My aim is to get 3 or possibly 4 issues out in a year, but, with a young family, free time is in short supply and funds are limited. I try and update the site daily, but anyone who logs in regularly will know that this doesn’t always happen, but I’m getting better!

Mika Kuusela
Photo by Berlin based photographer, Mika Kuusela

I would love to see an increase in the circulation of the zine to a point where it could sustain itself without additional funding, but for now, I’m happy to finance it and it is immensely rewarding, if a little time consuming. I’m always encouraged by the great feedback from readers and participants I receive and it’s good to know people are just as passionate about film photography as they are about independent publishing and zine ‘culture’.

Optiko Zine

Anyone wishing to buy a copy of Optiko can purchase it from our website, where you will also find links to a few zine stockists that sell our publication. Submissions are welcome from anyone with an interest in film photography, whether it’s articles and/or photos and I will try my best to include these on the site, the zine or both.

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