Plog magazine is a submission based publication designed and curated by students dedicated in featuring student and graduate art work both on and offline.

When browsing through a blog, you often find yourself having to either remember the work you saw, or simply ‘bookmark’ it. Over the past year or so I’ve grown accustomed to the world of blogging, and have really seen how beneficial it is. However, I always found myself wanting to take a piece of that work with me, to have it in my hands, instead of it just being a url or reference in my browser.

Since being at University, I realised that there was a staggering amount of great student artwork flying all over blogs. It really began to frustrate me that some of this work could just get forgotten about and some would not get the full appreciation it deserves. I guess that’s how Plog was born. I thought it was time to give students the opportunity to share and showcase their work in a physical form.

Issue three has changed a lot since our first, it’s packed with more stunning, thought provoking content than ever before, with special features ranging from interviews with recent graduates, Kimvi Nguyen and Antonia Sullivan, to a refreshing insight behind a project from Winchester School of Art’s Rob Newton.

Check out the issue here and make sure you submit your work to us!

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