Derm is Edinburgh based artist who is taking part in UK’s first comprehensive Graffuturism exhibition “Rudimentary Perfection” at Recoat Gallery in Glasgow. We asked him to choose five of his favourite pieces of work from the Central Station archive. Find out what they are and reasons behind each.

Exit Strategy by Estum

A classic piece of abstract monochromatic letterform from one of scotland’s most dynamic graffiti artists. I love the way it comes to life and crawls around the wall leaving its raw texture and colour visible.
Scuff by Fraser Gray

I love this painting of the artist Scuff. It’s a wonderful portrait of a really charismatic artist: it captures Scuff’s robust personality. It’s vividly rendered with delicate use of colour and shows how skilled an artist Fraser is.

Telly fish by Inflatablemonster

A simple but effective piece of sculpture that has an awkward feel to it. I’d love to have one floating around my studio!

Lego by iede reckman

This work has a really interesting architectural form and with the instantly recognisable colours, makes me want to get out my lego and build.

The Storr by _NVA_

This was a fantastic piece of environmental art that i was lucky to see. We were guided up the mountain at midnight, and along the way visual and aural stories unfolded. I loved the sympathetic balance of light installation, music and performance art in a really environmentally delicate location. I have always liked the work of NVA – Test Department were an influence on me from a young age – so to see this piece was a real privilege.


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