A clip from Chez Galip, an observational documentary set in Cappadocia, Turkey about a potter and his hair collection.

The museum is set in a cave below the workshop of potter Galip Körükçü. In 1979 Galip had the idea of collecting women’s hair, the purpose of which was to raise course participation numbers for the pottery workshops he was running. Galip takes a cutting of hair from women that visit his workshop and attaches it along with a post-it note complete with their name, phone number and address to the wall of the cave. Every six months 10 addresses are chosen at random from inside the cave, the women are then contacted to announce that they have won a trip to stay in his guesthouse and participate in the pottery workshops for free.

Chez Galip screened at Sierra Metro Gallery in Edinburgh, November 2010. To see more clips from the film go here.


Chez Galip

Director Bobby Niven
Cinematographer Martin Clark
2nd Camera Cara Connolly
Sound Cara Connolly
Editing Bobby Niven
Translation Alev Ersan


Chez Galip was one of the projects awarded cash from the Central Station Members Fund.