Composing Blog…Complog…that’s right, it’s time for a bit of Clogging.

We’ve got together a couple of times (in locations ranging from a castle to the pub) to discuss the direction we should take with the soundtracking, initially just with the briefs, then again with the rough video cuts. Discussion ranged across a huge number of topics and ideas; long and impressive words such as “juxtaposition” were bandied about freely. Despite this, a general consensus formed very quickly, and I think we’re all on the same page when it comes to direction – a lot of the things we talked about while we were just working off of the briefs were reinforced rather than changed when we saw the videos, which is definitely a good sign.

Without giving too much away – we’ll save the specifics for a later blog (sorry, clog) so as not to spoil the surprise, as it were – here are a few of the things we’ve talked about. We’ve discussed things like going beyond traditional instrumentation, using and manipulating sounds from the “real world”, as it were, and done some research into procuring various noises…and different ways of manipuliating these sounds, everything from digital techniques to recording on then melting reel-to-reel tapes. We also discussed the idea of recording in different locations, using the same sounds but in different places, which in itself can affect the end result. Obviously enough though, the main drive of discussion was about how we can use sound to convey the themes of the videos, or at least what we’ve taken from them. Progress has been made…now we just have to do the actual recording!

Phil Sim (Fear Wasabi)