This week’s been non-stop for the Glasgow Harvest team here at NVA.

We’ve got shiny new flyers. See below.

Glasgow Harvest Flyer FrontGlasgow Harvest Flyer Back

We’ve also got Allotment posters, appearing soon on a noticeboard at an allotment near you. See below.

Glasgow Harvest Allotment Poster

Plus we’ve got a brand new partnership that’s making us salivate.

NVA & Central Station have teamed up with Landshare and the River Cottage to bring youtwEATs, a live Twitter cook-along.

Back in July, we first told you about twEATs. Now we’re thrilled to be able to announce that Tim Maddam, Head Chef at the River Cottage Canteen and Deli in Axminster, will be taking you step by step through one of his recipes using the power of Twitter.

Some things you’ll need to do if you’d like to join in:

First: keep Monday the 16th free – well need you between the hours of approximately 7 and 8.30pm.

Second: find NVA, River Cottage, Central Station and Landshare on Twitter. Follow us.

Third: take the shopping list we’ll give you next week and go and find the seasonal ingredients you’ll need to make Tim’s mystery dish – if you have a plot then in all likelihood you’ll be able to harvest them.

Fourth: Join Head Chef Tim Maddams on Twitter and cook a River Cottage recipe with him live from his base at theRiver Cottage Store and Canteen in Axminster. Each stage of the recipe will be tweeted (with photos) as it happens. To create the dish at home, just follow Tim’s tweets on the night step by step. If you catch every tweet and twitpic, by 8:30pm you should have made your own delicious River Cottage meal.

We won’t be revealing what you’re making ahead of time, that’s all part of the fun. But it’ll be vegetarian. And you’ll be cooking to share – get your friends round to help you eat it all up.

More info to follow. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and on Twitter.

While we’re on the subject of twEATs, we’d like to introduce you to Hilary Grant. Hilary’s won the competition to design the recipe booklet for Glasgow Harvest. The limited edition run will contain favourite recipes submitted earlier in the year by growers in return for free plants (see our Flickr group to find out how they’re getting on.) The centre-fold will contain the special River Cottage recipe you’ll all be cooking on the 16th, complete with tweets, re-tweets and pictures from the kitchen. To pick up your copy, come along to Harvest on the 28th August.

TwEATs is being hosted by Central Station as part of Glasgow Harvest, a celebration of food and growing taking place on 28th August in Glasgow. See the NVA website for more information.

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To find out what Tasty twEATS & Harvest 2010, click here.