Things are hotting up here at NVA. It’s less than 6 weeks to go until Glasgow Harvest. Plans are coming together. Plants are growing ever-skyward. Now all we need is the sun to make an appearance…

This week, we’re thrilled to announce a couple of projects we’re working on with two brilliant arts organisations. For the first time, NVA are collaborating with the rather brilliant arts collective 85A. And we’re re-kindling our partnership with Central Station following the success of White Bikes earlier in the year.

85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop

Herbaceous Barbershop - Logo

In the very fine words of 85A:

“A most idealistic and exciting (not to mention tasty!) experience awaits the patrons of 85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop at Glasgow Harvest this summer. Stroll on into our cozy little barbershop, settle yourself into our automated barber’s chair, and select a ‘punk herb cap’ of your choice for your new hair-do…which is both a wicked fashion accessory and most importantly, a darn decent way to maximise growing space in our increasingly over-crowded urban environment. Picture this: You could get your ‘cress Chelsea-cut’ fringe trimmed a little at the front…and then just let the zesty, fresh green clippings tumble right on into your home-grown garden salad!

See you at the Barbershop on the 28th August for a herb-cut with a punk soundtrack and some top seasoning tips. How can one resist? After all, who hasn’t ever wanted a chive Mohawk? Punk appetite!”

You can see how the guys at 85A are getting on here, they’ve been busy uploading images.

For those of you who don’t know them, 85A Collective are an emerging, loose-knit brood of Glasgow based multidisciplinary artists that in recent years have been working alongside and/or supporting one another in various shows and collaborations. Some of these include: ‘The ORZEL Film Experience’ (2009); ‘Der Student von Prag’ (2008) and in August they will be programing the ‘Sonic Soak Festival’ at the Govanhill Baths. For more information see

Central Station’s twEATs


Apparently twEATs is what you get if you combine cookery and twitter. Of course it is. Central Station and NVA will be inviting all you tweeters to take part in a blind-cooking challenge, using nothing but the power of the Twitter newsfeed and crossed fingers. Central Station are revealing more details over the coming couple of weeks – including details about the chef they’re working with, the ingredients you’ll need to find, a date and a time.

For now, to let us know you’re interested in participating, follow NVA on Twitter and direct message us the word twEATS.

Central Station will be giving away a limited edition run of an illustrated twEATS recipe pamphlet at Harvest on the 28th August, designed by their members (designers: keep your eyes peeled for acall to submit.) First come, first served – make sure you’re at Harvest on the 28th August if you want to get your mitts on one of them.

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