Luna Juneun Lee

Transition Collective #002, 2012
Screenprint on Metallic paper, Perspex (46 x 47 x 15cm)

This week, Ironbbratz Studios are taking over Central Station with featured work and blogs. Today’s featured work is by Luna Jungeun Lee who is working at Ironbbratz as part of the Graduate Residency Programme 2012/13.

Luna Jungeun Lee applies traditional western printmaking techniques and historical Korean compositional rules to the mass of amateur imagery that has bloomed with the newest digital distribution networks. Every morning, while still half-asleep, Lee has a discipline of spending an hour trawling the Internet for new images, appropriating anything that catches her attention as she slowly shifts from a semi-dream state to full waking consciousness – a process that might be understood as a contemporary equivalent of the surrealists’ automatic writing technique.
- by Art Critic, David Barrett (Associate Writer, Art Monthly)



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