Over a thousand of you came with your food, your jam and your creative containers. Loads of fresh pakora and all manner of delights were devoured, 50 jars of jam adorned the glorious Jam Wall. Batch upon batch of allotment grown soup were sampled and herby mohican haircuts by the 85A barbers were paraded round the Hidden Gardens… The first ever Glasgow Harvest was a truly uplifting day. Thanks to everyone who came along.

Glasgow Harvest

For Angus Farquhar, NVA’s Creative Director, these were the highlights:

There were many good points during the day, I like the fact that even with some stunning allotment and homemade dishes on offer throughout the day, the biggest spontaneous queue was for the dinner ladies doing extra chips between the double rubble schools competitions!

The other memory is the mixed expressions of horror and happiness on the small kids on the barber’s chair being mercilessly spun around and played with by the maverick 85A crew before their grassy headpieces were hacked off with giant scissors…

Glasgow Harvest

To help you re-live the day, we’ve uploaded some photos, courtesy of Neil Davidson, our photographer for the day. Take a look here. Do you have any of your own? If so, please do add them to the group, we’d love to see them.

Also, if you tasted anything you’re keen to re-create, then you could peruse our online Recipe Collection, full of recipes jotted down on the day and uploaded by us. Now you can re-create a little slice of Glasgow Harvest in the warmth of your own home.

beetroot carrot and chilli relish

If you managed to pick up a pack of Secret Seeds, keep checking back here to find out what you’re growing. Let us know how you’re getting on by uploading photos of your plants as they get bigger.

If you were at Glasgow Harvest, we’d really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time. Follow this link and fill out our evaluation survey. There are just four questions and they’re very quick to answer, it will help us in planning any future harvests.

Thanks so much to all who were involved. From the dinner ladies who helped out with the Double Rubble Chip Challenge, thirty volunteers, the eighteen schools who grew their own tatties, to the many allotmenteers who made sure there was always some soup on the go.


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