This week at NVA we’re mainly talking about jam.

Can we tempt you to join our Jam Dating Agency? [Yes, you read that right.]

the problem with the countryside

We’re looking people to pair with one another. Are you:

i) eager to make jam?

ii) looking at a bumper harvest this year?

Here’s the idea – it’s really very simple – let us hook up the makers with the producers.

All you have to do is tell us what you’ve got or what you’re looking for. At the moment we’ve got three young ladies who have jars on the hunt for locally grown produce. Come on people with (soon-to-be-heaving) plum trees and over-enthusiastic fruit patches – start sharing your wares!

Don’t worry if you’re an enthusiastic new-comer and your skills in the art of jam-making are as yet untested. It’s ever so easy, anyone can do it. To help point you in the right direction, here are a few top tips we’ve spotted:

Nigel Slater on the art and pleasure of jam-making.

Jamie Oliver’s strawberry and vanilla concoction.

The River Cottage community’s Gingered Courgette pot of gold.

Once you’ve made your jam, if you live anywhere near Glasgow then we’d like you to bring a pot along to Harvest 2010. On the 28th August at the Hidden Gardens, we’re hosting a mass open-air meal. As part of it we’re building a Jam Wall. A 3D pantone colour chart of jam jars, ranging from [lemon]yellow to black[current]. Bring your concoction with you and add it to our ever-growing communal sculpture.

Coming soon: find out about some of the work we’re commissioning for Glasgow Harvest 2010, including multidisciplinary art collective 85A’s Herbaceous Barbershop and photographer Neil Davidson’s Shed.

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To find out what Tasty twEATS & Harvest 2010, click here.