Portrayal of the sun by Trent Kim

Portrayal of the Sun by Trent Kim, Dec 2012
Made using a canvas (24 x 20) and a video projection of a recording of the sun.

This week, Ironbbratz Studios are taking over Central Station with featured work and blogs. Today’s featured work is by Trent Kim who has has been a theatre practitioner for a number of years, in a variety of areas including directing, production management and stage lighting design. Trent now attends the MRes programme at the Glasgow School of Art where he explores the medium of light beyond its theatrical framework.

Alongside his research, Trent is a founder of Lmotif, where he works as a theatre projects consultant, managing Korean language programmes and cultural events in Glasgow. He is currently working on producing a musical, a theatre training programme, and a couple of small exhibition pieces for 2013.

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