Patricia Fleming Projects works with local, national and international artists. The studio supports research, development and the delivery of visual art through exhibitions, events and work in the public realm.

My first 5 jobs after graduation from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 1990:

Think I was running 5 at once, nothing changes!

1. I was technician and teaching assistant in the Department of Photography (Fine Art) Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee.

2. On Saturdays I was exhibition’s assistant at Seagate Gallery, Dundee.

3. On Saturday evenings I was a Tequila girl selling bucket loads of the crazy stuff – the company wondered why Dundee suddenly peeked as a hotspot! I can’t remember why I gave that one up the commission was great, think it was the smell of alcohol on my apron – to this day I can’t bear the smell of Tequila.

4. I was also a nanny for the wonderful Pat Fisher – this was my fav job by far probably because it never really felt like a job. It was a couple of hours each eve. I do remember feeling very proud walking my three glorious little girls, dog and bike home after school every evening – lovely times.

5. When the contract at Duncan of Jordanstone finished (it was a year’s maternity cover) I moved to Glasgow and set up Fuse : an artist – led support network with free studio space, travel and materials allowance, exhibition and training opportunities for visual artists based in Glasgow this ran till 1999 during this time i also established Fly (now Market) then i moved onto CCA.”

Photo courtesy of David Zérah at Patricia Fleming Projects.


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