Damien is co-founder and creative partner of digital experience designers ISO and pilots the good ship Central Station.

“A mix of college / art school transitional positions…

01_ Weekend teller at my local Co-Op bank. Was wearing the mode du jour mohican, shaved on one side of my head which led to some cunning Bobby Charlton type comb overs every Saturday morning.

02_ Medical model. Involved stripping to my undies for a room full of trainee doctors in hotel conference suites whilst they pushed and prodded joints and musculature. They said they were doctors…

03_ Beach seller – Canet Plage, Perpignan. To the cries of “ Chouchous, beignets, boissons fraîches”, long, sticky days traipsing up and down the beach with a pair of refrigerated coolboxes punting drinks and funny little caramalised nuts to the locals and confused 18-30 types. Couldn’t afford the anglo campsite so reduced to sleeping on the roof of the lifeguards hut every night. Happy days.

04_ Parky, Saltdean Lido. Brighton. Dream job as a park keeper rising early to walk to work along the Brighton Coast. Morning spent dragging tennis courts and then a quick spin on the petrol driven mower before an afternoon keeping watch on the sunbathers at the modernistic masterpiece that is Saltdean’s 1930′s open air swimming pool. Get orf my grass!

05_The List street seller, Edinburgh Festival. First job out of Art School. After being told by my course head I was unemployable I grabbed the prime patch at the Assembly Rooms and set out to prove him wrong. 6 weeks later crowned top seller, given a big bottle of Morgans Spiced and free tickets to see Dennis Leary’s first UK gigs off comedy legend Tommy Cockles.


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