Paul Logue is a freelance screenwriter working in television. His credits include the likes of Taggart, Sea of Souls and Casualty. Here are his first five jobs.

1. McDonalds Glasgow / Crew member
Sixth year at school and I took a weekend job at the first McDonalds store in Glasgow. Travelling from Paisley every Saturday to wear a bad uniform and punt burgers to shoppers. Made some good friends, had some good laughs and stuffed myself with burgers. This was at the height of the BSE crisis so the CJD should kick in some time soon.

2. Oddbins Glasgow / Sales Assistant
Now sadly in administration, this was the job that supported me through art school. Long hours spent in freezing shops selling Superbock and Glenloth Red by the caseload. Great staff discount mind and I learned a lot about wine. Old World is best. It just is.

3. Clydesdale Bank Central Records / Admin Assistant
Night shift, Clydebank, a warehouse crammed with row upon row of shelves. Filing direct debits as Radio Clyde pumped out of the Tannoy system. I lasted a week.

4. East Kilbride Arts Centre / Leisure Assistant
A great job! Working as a janitor in an arts centre. Good wages and free use of the facilities: dark room, editing suite, studio. A very productive time – making work and organising exhibitions. In a way it was too good. I stayed for three years. Beware the comfortable job.

5. Scottish Screen / Training and Education Assistant
My first real “industry job”. Providing support to the Training and Education Department. A great two years helping to organise industry training, scriptwriting courses and student film festivals. They were also kind enough to let me read all the scripts in the script library which got me started thinking about screenwriting.


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