Paul Robertson
Image © Gavin Evans

Paul Robertson (b. 1958, Birmingham, England) is an artist-curator at Summerhall, Edinburgh, a well-known avant garde art-dealer and art historian, a popular if provocative art-critic, writer and broadcaster and avid art collector.

His background in neurophysiology, psychology, politics and art history has allowed Paul to become curator at Summmerhall—the largest private art museum in Europe that programmes its own spaces. As curator, Robertson has overseen or directly curated 70 exhibitions since August 2012 at Summerhall, as well as other shows in Europe and the USA.

Working as a solo artist Robertson creates false taxonomic systems for individual subjects or genres. His Periodic Table of Bowie will be featured in the V&A’s ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition opening in March 2013. The artwork is now part of the V&A’s permanent collection.

Paul’s First 5 Jobs:

- Chairperson of Scottish Labour Students (first ever person to do it full time)

- Research Assistant at ADLO (Association of Direct Labour Organisations). I did this for five months before watching the clock move in hours for minutes made it intolerable. This is the only time in my life where I worked for someone else.

- Freelance writer and broadcaster – usually under a pseudonym – dealing with matters as wide ranging as science, culture, the internet and Scottish football.

- Managing Director of Labour Communications

- Owner of Heart Fine Art (avant garde book and art dealership)


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