Jeremy Cole is a Motion Graphics Designer for TV, but refusing to be complacent – he also does the odd job as a Producer, Director and Editor. These are his first 5 jobs.

1.    Tele-sales Assistant. I was 17, broke and all my friends had new Nike’s on their feet. I took an afternoon off college and went for an interview at a double-glazing sales firm getting the job without much question. I made few sales and was rarely paid. The guy I sat next to was overweight, balding and probably in his mid twenties – he ate ham from the packet and frankfurters from the tin. I soon left.

2.    Sales Assistant. Desperate to have new Nike’s on my feet, my second job took me to THE home of new Nike’s… Croydon. It was a sports concession inside a shopping centre. A lot of weed was smoked in the stock room and the store went under investigation for missing stock. One day, I turned up for work and the manager was ill and the assistant manager was AWOL. As the most senior staff member left, I took my two younger colleagues to McDonald’s and left the shop unattended. I was soon asked to leave.

3.    Sales Assistant. I was 19 and had failed my first year at Uni. After a summer of Job Centre visits I took up a part time job at the oldest off-license in Soho, The Vintage House. I returned to Uni, got my act together, and 3 years later finished with 1st Class Honours. In the meantime, I gave many discounts to local customers at the shop.  They’d later turned out to be TV Execs and I soon left to do some TV work experience.

4.    Runner/ Researcher/ Motion GFX. During my last year at University, I did several Runners jobs at different TV production companies. And after finishing, I proudly landed a job as House Runner at Remedy Productions. I stayed for 3 years – mostly as a runner, but later as a researcher & AP – during my last year I did all their in-house graphics for broadcast and left with my first Motion Graphics show reel. It was reely good.

5.    Freelance. I currently design and produce Motion Graphics with most of my work being for broadcast, as well as the occasional job for stage or web. Further to that, I also do the odd TV job as a Director, Editor or Producer. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and currently own two pairs of Nike’s.


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