Mike Guppy


I am the Senior Designer at Animade where I work on projects big and small, as well as looking after our brand identity, and I help out on some front-end development as well. I studied Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts, and am a self-taught web-developer. I also curate content for our digital design inspiration blog Hover States.

1. Burger King — 2 days in 2004
When I was a teen I worked in Burger King for 2 days. It wasn’t for me.

2. Office – Part-time 2008-2010
Living off a student maintenance loan in London doesn’t get you that far, so part-time work was essential, so I worked as a sales assistant selling shoes. It wasn’t for me.

3. INT Works (It’s Nice That) Intern — Late 2011
I joined INT Works as an intern for 3 months in 2011, just after graduating from Camberwell College of Arts that summer. It was meant to be only a few weeks at first, but they wanted to keep me on for an extended period, which turned into a short freelancing stint. This was the first job which started my “career” as it is now.

4. Freelance — Early 2012
After It’s Nice That I freelanced for a few months, and worked on projects with my fellow It’s Nice That intern James Cartwright under the moniker ‘Official Business’.

5. Animade — 2012-Present
In June 2012 I joined Animade, known then as Chambers Judd. I saw their job posting which read “If you like design and the internet, then come work for us”, which bluntly described me. I also wanted to work somewhere which was small and growing, so Animade was perfect. Since then it has grown from 4 of us to 15 which has been a great experience for me being one of their first employees and watching it grow. My most recent project here has been leading our rebrand, which we handled all in-house. This included refreshing the visual identity and designing the new website, and other internal tools and stationery.

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Photo credit: Alex Harley


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