Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Some thoughts on the ‘Roderick Buchanan Soundtrack’ / ‘Composer Wanted’ event at In-Space Edinburgh.

Sunday was a rollercoaster. Waves of anticipation, followed by dead calm, followed by a stamp on the arm by a digicult representative.

We did a lot of talking. Good therapy for all those feeling battered and bruised by the project. Paul Welsh was a sort of L. Ron Hubbard initiating the audience into the ways of Central Station. In-Space, the venue, described in the EFF brochure as an “Atmospheric theatre” – a type of auditoria built in 1920’s and 30’s to create a fantastical setting in which to watch a film – looked more like the reception hall for some cousin of the Wizard of Oz. I felt like Toto looking at that curtain off to the right of camera when I was meant to be awed in the presence of the Grand Wizard. In a sort of animal reaction to the architecture I growled my way through the evening feeling that the big wizard, that is new media, is really only a Corporate Arts representative who just wants to be feared.