The aftermath.
Paddy’s Lament: this video examines the relationship between the haves and have-nots.  Our approach was to compare this relationship (and it’s sometimes performative nature) to that of a dancer and audience.  We had intended from our first discussion to use a particular type of sound-sample, which we feel would have provided a powerful and emotive feeling; however we were unable to source a suitable recording in the time available, and as such worked only with part of the video.  Taking inspiration from flamenco dance and music (and a look at Joe Kraemer’s rhythmic castanet score for The Way Of The Gun), we focussed initially on the recording of a clapped rhythm, building intensity with acceleration and complexity, adding a simple two-note guitar part to under-pin this impression.

Tattoo: a group portrait by means of tattoos, our audio interpretation of which is a reflection of the journey from innocence to experience.  A recording of school-children playing cross-faded with the crowd at a football match.  We also felt that the soundtrack to the film The Proposition by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, in particular it’s effected violin (and viola) use, was a good reference and we used this to bring an abstract texture to the piece.  We’d also hoped to further the theme by deliberately degrading the sound as it progressed, by means of re-recording onto other formats and in other environments, but time constraints made this impossible.

Overall it’s been an exciting process, and we’re really hoping we’ll have the opportunity to continue it!

Andy (Fear Wasabi)