Composer Wanted?
I started by composing myself (ho-ho!).  Then the arrangement of a team; if brain-cells didn’t collaborate then not much would get done.  We enjoyed watching Roddy’s videos a few times and talking over ideas we found in them (inertia, innocence, socialism, and the 2nd law of thermodynamics) and it felt correct to just interpret them with what we had to hand.  Two violins, a harmonium, two keyboards, some fruit-shaped-shakers, one microphone.  Why not?  One person hitting “play” on the video, another hitting “record”, everyone scrambling through the tune for a minute-and-a-half vaguely trying to make sense in an endearingly rough sort of way.  There then followed a bit of re-recording and chopping and even a little EQ-ing (very little, actually) and our effort at ‘Traffic’ was complete.
…and then?  Shortlisted!  Bosh!

Andy Sim (Fear Wasabi)