I’d like to thank Mom, God, The Academy…only kidding.

I’m a little stuck for words (particularly non-cliched ones), being as I genuinely never expected us to win.  In fact, I suspect we haven’t, and this is either a strange dream or The Matrix.
This began as soon as the other finalist’s entries were posted online: Nil’s and Daniel’s were ingenious, Lu Sisi’s was incredibly brave, Jonnie’s excellent and Martin’s seemed to be along similar lines to our entry, except much better.  I felt distinctly like an outsider in this group; they were all far too good.  Rogue cells in the back of my brain crackle, convinced that there has been some mistake.

The strange and wonderful place/thing that is the internet has permeated this entire project for us.  During one recording-session, a member of our group could only be present via Skype, peering out of a laptop screen at the rest of us, occasionally sending opinions and/or files back and forth.  Checking the project page on CenSta became a daily ritual.  Blogging (or Clogging, as we came to call it) after some initial reticence, became fun.

In fact it’s all been fun, and continues to be (now with the added pressure of expectation, of course) for which we are honoured and grateful to all involved.  As always, we can’t wait for the next step!

Andy (Fear Wasabi)