What a surprise! I was quite low by the time I submitted my final entry to the competition and felt I’d wasted too much time going down dead-ends and becoming side-tracked with my lame attempts at being some kind of writer or poet for the first time.

At my last meeting with Iso, my treatment was met with much head scratching and an uncomfortable silence. I left it resigned to the fact I’d blown it, becoming bogged down in narrative and losing touch with the graphic approach that got me shortlisted in the first place. Dispite this, there were some interesting suggestions that were worth persuing. Stripping the idea back to its core and throwing out any visual complexity seemed to be the only way I could put my proposal into a workable form. Thanks are due to the guys at Iso for leading me in this direction.

In the end my trailer is all about the history of cinema in glasgow. The forgotten screens that used to shine across the city. The sad loss of so many venues that entertained thousands, and the lasting legacy of film in the minds of the city’s inhabitants. It’s alot to ask from 25 seconds of film I know!

Thanks to all the other shortlisters for their support and to those who offered to help with the audio. I will be gettings in touch with the musician I’ve chosen shortly and look forward to hopefully developing a kick-arse soundtrack to test the soundsystems of cinemas across the country!

So, I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead… I’ll be keeping you posted with how the trailer is progressing, so watch this space