Bit of a busy day today, spent the morning at the Televisual event at Film City Glasgow learning about sony’s XDCAM, Scottish Screen and C4′s vision for the future before firing up the road to grab some lunch before meeting Mark and Clyde at ISO.

I’d not had any time to move the idea forward much, so it was good to have the two of them fire ideas in my direction even though most of them involved ever more work to cram in to the 2 weeks available to produce the final work! Clients… always the same! Still, there were some nuggets in there for me to develop further. As they say, watch this space.

One thing I need to push forward with is finding people to collaborate with on this project. So far, I think I’ve lined up another cStationer to help out with the photography (tbc) so all I need is to find someone who’s interested in developing a soundtrack….

any volounteers/suggestions?