Well, after being lucky enough to get shortlisted for the Savalas/Roderich Buchanan – Soundtrack project, I went to meet three very friendly people at the Savalas Studios, Giles, Roddy and Gaia. Giles showed us around the Savalas Studios, Roddy gave us an insight into his work and ideas, while Gaia took notes about important issues discussed during the meeting. I was very impressed by the place, and thought to myself… “…this is a place where I would like to spend more time making some sounds for people to hear.”

On the bus back to Edinburgh my brain was already exploding with different ideas and I started working straight away, at the moment I have around 5 ruff sketches for each project. I decided to do some research before choosing a definitive direction. I understand the two projects as being related to each other, but this wont be necessarily perceptible in terms of sound, by this I mean that even being closely related, the projects will have completely different sounds. While one project “paddys lament” is a more distant point of view, the other one “Tattoo” is a more “hard core” or close-up point of view. influence for my final project is the very beginning of “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch, where the camera and the sound travel from the apparent “normal” day to day life into the very guts of “unpleasant” reality.



P.S sorry for my bad Inglish.