The results of Round Three of the Central Station Member Fund are now in.

Again, two successful projects. Both of them bordering on the surreal. If not the absurd. Here are very brief summaries of the proposals, we’ll leave it to the successful applicants to explain more:

One: Ptarmigan is a multipurpose space in Helsinki. They’re planing a paleofuturist trade show. 8 artists will be invited to interpret and realise an object or idea that is a past vision of the future, found either by searching through the paleofuture blog archives or through their own research. Said trade show will be happening in mid-August and will be streamed live for your viewing pleasure. Watch this space (or the Ptarmigan profile) for more information about how to get involved as and when it becomes available.

Two: Yuck ‘n Yum is a Dundee-based distribution conduit for emerging artists. In September they’ll be hosting their Annual General Karaoke (AGK) – like an AGM. But different. They’re using Central Station to invite artists, musicians and filmmakers to submit a karaoke video which will then be performed on the night [the videos = the agenda]. The result is a large scale performance and networking event, with buses ferrying people to Dundee from key cities elsewhere in Scotland. Virtual and Physical networking collide happily for one night only.