It’s time to announce final Member Fund winners.

The winner of £1,500 on round five was Bobby Niven who will be making a film about the Hair Museum in Cappedocia, Turkey. He will be documenting the cave, the owner, the pottery workshops and the landscape in the region. He’ll also make a series of ceramic and stone sculptures to accompany the film.

We had 80 submissions in July, with requests totaling over £100,000. The team really enjoyed looking through the ideas and were impressed by the breadth and variety of the projects. Unfortunately we couldn’t fund everyone.

Our last £1,500 went to Mitch Miller and Emma Lennox who will be presenting “Boswell In Space – A Strictly Ill-adviced Documentary Journey“. It caught our eye because of the project is trying to do something genuinely multimedia, in a territory that’s still struggling to establish itself with frameworks and guidelines.

Congratulations to the winners.