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Irreverent dispatches from the frontline as comedian Phil Kay lands on Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010.

Central Station captured the Scottish comedian as he discovered exhibitions, performances, happenings, clubs, gigs and  radon encounters and ‘did GI’. His antic were caught on camera and made into a series of comedic shorts, released daily throughout the festival and seeded through the comedy networks like Chortle, The Humor Blog and rereleased on Central Station Facebook and Vimeo.

We asked our members to get involved via Twitter, telling us the most exciting exhibitions and events that Phil should cheek out and giving them the chance to meet the man himself.

@Censta would #GIPhil like toe meet at Kelvingrove to check out Shrigley this avow?

“Leave me a comment or tweet us an invite @Censta and tag #GIPhil. That’s me – for this weekend I’m an artistic soldier. Sir yes sir.”

“Today we’re going in search of a white bike, looking at collages, making some flickboos and probably playing my guitar. Rumour has it, we’re also going to be followed by a BBC reporter. Stalker.”

“We’re going to someone’s flat…a lady called Janie Nicoll. She invited us by tweeting at us. I hope she has tea. You’d think she would, since she’s invited 15 artists into her living room, plus all the GI visitors too. Might put a wash on while I’m there.”

“Exhibitions, performances, happenings, clubs, gigs and random encounters, Phils going to be doing the lot with Central Station”


Watch Phil Kay doing GI here.
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