Pop Up Cinéma Matinée Part II

Pop Up Cinéma Matinée was a unique and free cinema event for members of the public which will took place in the courtyard of ‘The Barra’s Centre’ on Friday 20th August from 11.30am – 1pm.
The event aimed to create a discussion on the ‘collective urban identity’ of Glasgow and look at the current shape of regeneration taking place in the city through the showing of a series of original short films which deat with issues of identity, community and memory in Glasgow’s changing urban landscape. Pop Up Cinéma Matinée saw various artists from the city come together to show their work in a collective presentation and in an unexpected ‘pop up’ environment to new and old audiences.

Providing an opportunity for artists within the city to meet, share, understand and appreciate their work with not only one another but the general everyday public and the city.

Pop Up Cinéma Matinée was also intended as a celebration of ‘Paddy’s Market’, an historical flea market in Glasgow City Centre, which closed in the May of 2009. Short films which focused on Paddy’s Market were shown by local Glasgow artists Chris Leslie and Sijle Eirin Aure. Edinburgh based artist Lindsay Perth was also invited to screen some short films which dealt with high rise living within Glasgow.

Pop Up Cinéma Matinée took the form of a 1:1 temporary bespoke cinema installation, designed and created by Marc Cairns and Dele Adeyemo of PIDGIN PERFECT. The installation utilises the covered courtyard space at The Barras Centre, a project by ataStudio.  The project also sought to highlight the trade of the local area and more specifically The Barra’s by ensuring that the entire event from materiality to catering was sourced from local traders in an effort to encourage trade in the area and show the merits of the area.

Pop Up Cinéma Matinée was presented by ‘PIDGIN PERFECT’ as part of the  SASA 2010 event day. Pop Up Cinéma Matinée is an example of a SASA event which seeks to prove that collective thought creates a more powerful response.

With great thanks and appreciation to Central Station and Central Station Member Fund for all there help and support in making this event as successful and special as possible.


SASA was one of the projects awarded cash from the Central Station Members Fund.