Loved the look of this project when it was first posted on CS but with a hectic life, I missed the original deadline for the 5th of November but as luck would have it… the deadline was extended and I got the chance to show my idea. When I was looking at previous Shadow Screens that had been produced, everything was very organic, fluid influenced by nature, so I wanted to try something different and more structured but still have an element of beauty. So I started thinking of the stars, the dark sky at night and light coming through the screen. But I thought, I don’t just want to do some random stars, so… with graphic designers brain in gear, the constellation is based on braille structure and basically reads out as “To him the stars seemed like so many musical notes affixed to the sky, just waiting for somebody to unfasten them.” from the Devil’s Church. Anyway, I wouldn’t say this is a finished product but I do think the idea is worth developing. Perhaps every star shape can be different, perhaps more decorative to keep in with the rest of the other designs but who knows? Fingers crossed but I’ve enjoyed the project so far anyway.