So I’ve made it into the shortlisted 6 for the Savalas / Roderick Buchanan soundtrack project.

The project was brought to my attention by Glasgow Podcart.

I watched Roddy’s film ‘Traffic’ and loved it. I could practically hear notes dripping past as the pens tilted and with 2 hours to go til the midnight deadline for demo submissions, I decided to give it a go.

A couple weeks later I got a blank email entitled ‘Savalas Project’.

This happens to me quite often. It’s as if the powers that be are trying to make things more exciting for me.

I’ve since met up with Roddy at Central Station to hear about the 2 films in progress.

I enjoyed hearing him voice his visions and he seemed interested to hear me talk about the aural ideas I had. We kindof confessed to not knowing a huge amount about each others adopted domain but I think the mutual intrigue was very genuine.

I left feeling positive, with the exception of having not had time for Roddy’s kindly offered donut.

My loss was no doubt the arriving voice actor’s gain.