As I type this, my submissions for the Savalas Studios / Roderick Buchanan Soundtrack project are dribbling down an internet pipe to Central Station.

I didn’t get a lot of time for them in the end. This month I am the proverbial busy bee.


So, it wasn’t until last night that I sat down with a couple a fancy biscuits and tried to put into effect some of the ideas I’d been having since my meeting with Roddy.

For the film about the Parkhead Flute band, I had been hoping to make up some real tape loops but, with time against me, I had to settle for digital loops of random lengths. I made some sketchy beats with a windup marching toy which I thought apt, given a flute band’s tendancy to march. I guess, if you wanted to, you could liken the rasping mechanism to that of a tattoo needle motor. IF YOU WANTED TO.

Speaking of marching, I was driving to Dennistoun on Sunday and I got stuck behind a march. I thought “that must be THE band!” and recorded the procession with my phone. After mentioning it to a coule people, I was roundly informed that such marches are a ‘protestant thing’ and that ‘you better make sure you don’t offend anyone’. I know FA about sectarian issues and care about them even less. I had hoped to warp the recording into an unrecognisable drone anyway but it didn’t suit. So, let it be known that my choice was down to my ear rather than the common sense to avoid a kicking.

This morning I tackled the other film. This was a little trickier as it contained dialogue etc. I don’t know how much I’m s’posed to give away about the films, so I’ll be really specific: I had hoped to create a feeling of space and reduce it to a more claustrophobic sound while exploring oscillating rhythms designed to mimic the relationship between people & vehicles over the course of the film.

As, it happened, I hadn’t had my weetabix and I don’t think i got that across brilliantly. But I think I could, and it’s something I think I’ll explore beyond the thunderdome, I mean the project, regardless of the outcome.