It was a pleasure to meet the 4 strong team Fear Wasabi at Savalas last week. It is great to see a group that obviously work so well together and morph into the single persona represented by Andy Sim (Or so it seems in the internet world).  You can’t beat face to face and discover their are 4 human beings behind this.  If you can get 4 composers  working effectively together,thats collaborate and I am sure this has influenced their success in this project so far.  Savalas started with 4 composers working together which did work.  We can’t bear the site of each other now after 12 years but the team is still intact (minus 1 member).  The Advantage with a group is your getting a constant objective criticism which tends to filter out the guff and distils the good creative processes if you can overcome ego’s – heres hoping this comes through in the next stage.

The guys are beavering away as we speak – refining their ideas and trying some more stuff out with a view to spending the day on wednesday in our foley/recording studio to explore all our sound props, sfx library and record some old fashioned playing of musical instruments.  with a mix of video artist, sound artist and classically trained musicians, we are confident of something that will work with Roddy’s film.  Onwards