disappearing. breaking.


high speed chasing.

the small orange metro glow of underground glasgow.

a walk to the studio in the right direction.

horses galloping.

children running.

coffee shaking.

around the worlds with pictures meeting sounds and

around the words with ideas and positions and intense tiny movements confined in spaces between one wednesday and the next.

this is time travelling

bouncing back between here and there

and forth between cuts and locks and edits and changes and the

time is stretching

shared equally among friends and pulled tight to accomodate the right amount of bounce for free falling ideas from all the directions around.


what amazing places to go

the studio is max

its the tardis- all lovely on the inside and we are surrounded by the people and things which help you hear what you are trying to say.

its 5.1 (a new 5th horseman)- we are all there and the sub bass is underneath us.

all the frequencies

it all went click clack compacted, and then WE broke free and made the sounds we didnt know we wanted to make.

and then it was time to go



back on the bus

backsides on the back seats.

back to dundee

back to thinking about the future

and how we are going to fit

everything into the time

stretching from here to then.


thanks to roddy and giles