Aaron Speed is a self taught artist and fashion designer involved in the regeneration of Glasgow’s historic Barrowlands. He shares some of his personal cultural favorites.

I’m giving it my best go in a tough industry. Been supporting other Scottish brands for the past year as part of our relocation to the Barrowlands for the regeneration of the area.

Getting ready to launch my new label at the end of this year, most of my inspiration comes from Glasgow, taking hard lines of the tower blocks currently being brought down all over the city and turning them into something soft and feminine.


1. Event: Shoot Your Shot – HI-NRG/Italo-Disco/TAKING YOU HIGHER!
One of my favourite club nights, the promoter Bonner is insane in all the good ways. Next party is 27th of May at The Art School.

2. Music: Sofar sounds: While they haven’t happened too often in Glasgow, these secret intimate gigs are pretty relaxed, the extensive acoustic playlists on youtube lets you really explore and discover new artists.

3. Music: Bigg Taj – Superstar Sardar – Spoken word artist, singer and beat boxer extraordinaire kills it again with his latest EP. Genuinely one of the coolest guys around.

Bigg Taj, Superstar Sarwar


4. Music: Etta Bond – I’ll try not to gush, but I am in love with her sound and attitude. Soulful spoken word and sing speak with a feminist edge, she is out of this world and HAS to be checked out.


5. Website: Braw Wee Emporium – Our neighbour in Barras Art and Design in the Barrowlands, packed full of excellent music and gifts from exciting artists and designers. Definitely worth a visit, especially during the Braw Wee Fair, on the 1st Saturday of the month.



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