People of Print

People of Print was established in May 2008 by Marcroy Smith, originally created as a library of printmakers and designers with a sole purpose to inspire. They act as a daily source of inspiration for creatives, provide a screen print service and have a specialist focus on events, print and web development.

Tim and Eric

1. Tim & Eric.

These guys never fail to entertain us. You just have to watch for yourself and find out why.

Viet Grill

2. Viet Grill.
This is by far the best place to eat in the whole of Shoreditch, if not the world. Try everything on the menu, but the most superior meal of all is Hanoi Pho with extra chili oil served with a guava juice. Good for mind, body and soul.

Arcane Roots

3. Arcane Roots

It’s totally understandable why this band has gone from strength to strength and have ended up supporting the likes of Muse. They have very powerful riffs, amazing singing, great energy and to top it off, they are nice people. We print all of their merchandise and are looking to set up a merchline with them.

Ditto Press

4. Ditto Press
These guys aren’t afraid to carve their own path in the creative world. They do things their own way and they do it very well indeed. They are far from just a risograph printing service.


5. Heretic
A London-based wizard-like creative trio. They are by far our favourite screen print artists in the universe, and you will see by looking at their work that we have a good reason to make such a bold statement. Seriously good at what they do and again, very nice people.

Print Spotters

6. #Printspotters
If you see anything that is print related on any social media platform that can handle a hashtag, you should whack #PrintSpotters on to it. It’s a lovely feed of printed things that people have spotted.

The Creative Universe

7. The Creative Universe
It’s a Gumtree-like platform for creatives to post a free listing. Promote your events or services, sell your equipment, list yourself as a designer. You get the idea.

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